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A: Clear...may not be dvd quality, but enjoyable.
A-: Slightly blurry or grainy, still enjoyable.
B: Somewhat blurry/grainy.
B-: Very blurry/grainy, only for collectors.


NOTE: I am searching for more episodes of the very funny early 70's British comedy series, "Doctor In the House", "Doctor In Charge", and "Doctor At Large."  Please let me know if you've got any episodes of any of these!


*IT's YOUR MOVE: entire series 18 episodes plus bonus. (Pilot, Put To The Test, Dating Games, Night Work, Pajama Party, Love Letters, Dad And Me, The Rival, Top Dog, Don't Leave Home Without It, The Christmas Show, The Dreggs of Humanity Pt I, The Dreggs of Humanity Pt II, Caught In The Act, Eli's Song, A Woman Is Just A Woman, The Experts, Goodbye Farewell And Amen, bonus material.) A-  8 hrs.

"DOCTOR IN THE HOUSE": Why Do You Want To Be A Doctor?, Settling In, It's All Go, Peace And Quiet, The Students Are Revolting!, Rallying Round..., If In Doubt Cut It Out/ The War of the Mascots  A  2DVDs (PAL Format- will play on most any computer but not in NTSC home dvd players) 

"DOCTOR AT LARGE": Now Dr. Upton, You've Really Landed Me In It This Time, You Make Me Feel So Young, Doctor Dish, Modernising Major, Congratulations- It's A Toad, Change Your Partners, Trains And Notes And Veins, Lock Stock And Beryl, Upton Sells Out, Saturday Matinee, Where There's A Will, Students At Heart, No Ill Feeling, Let's Start At the Beginning, It's All In the Mind, Cynthia Darling, A Little Help From My Friends, Devon Is Lovely At This Time of Year, Operation Loftus, Mother And Father Doing Well, A Joke's A Joke, Pull the Other One, It's the Rich Wot Gets the Pleasure, Things That Go Mump in the Night, Mr Moon, The Viva, Bewigged Bothered and Bewildered, A Situation Full of Promise.       A   8 DVDs (NTSC)

"DOCTOR IN CHARGE": The Devil You Know, The Research Unit, The Minister's Health, The Black and White Medical Show, Honeylamb, Doctor's Lib, Which Doctor?, The Long Long Night, The System, On the Brink, Amazing Grace, Shut Up and Eat What You're Given, Yellow Fever, The Taming of the Wolf.  A  4 DVDs (NTSC)



*THE HONEYMOONERS: the complete 1950s Classic 39 episodes A 19.5 hrs

*I LOVE LUCY:  Lucy's Lost Episodes A 83 min

*I LOVE LUCY: A Tribute To Lucy A 93 min

*FATHER KNOWS BEST  A 2 hrs (4 episodes including ep #1)


*LITTLE RASCALS "Cabin Fever" Vol 2 and 3 A 2.5 hrs

*OUR GANG Comedy Festival II A 75 min

*THE MONKEES: please see my Music cdr and Music video pages

*THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY: 4 episodes; also please see my Music cdr and Music video pages

*THE DUKES of HAZZARD: 1 episode- Cale Yarborough special guest A 45 min
*THE DUKES of HAZZARD: CMT Inside Fame special A 1hr

*F TROOP:  Scourge of the West, Here Comes the Tribe, The Girl From Philadelphia, The 86 Proof Spring, Me Heap Big Injun?, Corporal Agarn's Farewell to the Troops, How To Be F Troop Without Really Trying, The Loco Brothers, A Gift From The Chief, Iron Horse Go Home, She's Only A Build On A Girdled Cage, Yellow Bird?, The Phantom Major, The Return of Bald Eage, The Ballot of Corporal Agarn, Did Your Father Come From Ireland, Honest Injun, Our Hero What's His Name, O'Rourke vs O'Reilly, The Majority of Wilton?, For Whom the Bugle Tolls?, La Dolce Courage, Will the Real Captain Try To Stand Up, The New I.G., Wilton the Kid, The Return of Wrongo Starr, Survival of the Fittest, Our Brave In F Troop, Go For Broke, El Diablo.   12 hrs. A

*BLOOPERMANIA- bloopers of over 50 TV stars, dating back to early days of TV (Soupy Sales -r-rated, F Troop, etc) A 1 hr


*EARLY EDITION: pilot episode (man receives tomorrow's newspaper today) A 45 min
*S.W.A.T.  (The Killing Ground, A Coven of Killers, Death Carrier, Pressure Cooker, Hit Men, Jungle War, The Steel-Plated Security Blanket, Blind Man's Bluff, Sole Survivor, The Vendetta, Criss-Cross, Vigilante, Courthouse, The Swinger, Murder By Fire, Silent Night Deadly Night, Lessons In Fear, Deadly Weapons, The Chinese Connection). (episodes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,18,19,20,21,24,26,27,30,31,32) A 23 hrs

*E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY (please see my Music Videos page for various artists featured, including Partridge Family, Michael Hutchence, Princess Diana, Dean Martin, etc)A

*VH-1 BEHIND THE MUSIC (please see my Music Videos page for various artists featured, including Partridge Family, Heart, Glen Campbell, Genesis, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Michael Hutchence, Depeche Mode, Andy Gibb, The Carpenters, Harry Chapin, Blondie, John Mellencamp, Stevie Nicks, AC/DC, REM, etc)A


*PLANET OF THE APES 1974 series (13 of the 14 episodes: Up Above the World So High, The Deception, The Interrogation, The Horse Race, The Tyrant, The Cure, The Liberator, The Surgeon, The Glatiators, The Legacy, Escape From Tomorrow, The Trap, Tomorrow's Tide) A 13 hrs  (I also have the complete animated series, "Return to the Planet of the Apes (13 episodes)". Please see my Saturday Morning page).

*STAR TREK: Captains Log special A 1 hr

*STAR TREK: The Original 1960s Series (complete uncut 79 episodes plus pilot episode, all presented by William Shatner, in which he comments on each episode before and after each and every commercial break) A 120 hrs

*STAR TREK: The Next Generation- final episode A 2hrs 
*TIN MAN: Sci-Fi Channel original miniseries  A 4.5 hrs (commercial-free) 3DVDs
*THE X-FILES: "Home" A 1hr


*RON AND RON:  Radio station morning team's first video B-

*HOWARD STERN's New Years Rotten Eve Dec 31 1994 Pay Per View Special, A 2 hrs.

*HOWARD STERN on the Magic Johnson Show, performing "Wipeout (I won't mention the additional sounds used for this recording!)" w/ The Losers A 10 min

*HOWARD STERN: complete AUDIO broadcast in New York City on the morning of Sept 11 2001 (6AM-11AM) and also complete AUDIO broadcast of Sept 12 2001(6AM-11AM). NOTE: This is a data cdr that will only play on a computer; and is not a videotape or music cdr.

*COPS: Too Hot For TV A 1 hr

*Video Catnip (for cats only) A 30 min



*E! TIMELNE: OJ, Ron, and Nicole (1998) A 2 hrs

*Ted Bundy's final interview before execution A 1 hr

*BASEBALL, by Ken Burns- PBS documentary (9 hours?)A
*THE WAR (World War II) by Ken Burns- PBS documentary  A 7 DVDs

*THE CIVIL WAR, by Ken Burns- PBS 11.5 hour documentary A

* "GETTYSBURG" original TNT Civil War epic  A 6 hrs
*CIVIL WAR JOURNAL A  28 hrs (Born Killers; The Iron Brigade, The Battle of Vicksburg, Divided Houses: Families Split By War, The Gray Ghost: John Singleton Mosby, First Ladies North and South, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Destiny At Ft. Sumter, Women At War, John Brown's War, Mr. Lincoln's Butcher: Gen US Grant,  PIcture Perfect: The Pomp and Vision of Mathew Brady, Days of Darkness: The Gettsburg Civilians, The Battle of Chattanooga, Banners of Glory, Dan Sickles: The General Who Got Away With Murder, McClellan's Way, Pickett's Charge, Trains At War, West Point Classmates: Civil War Enemies, Sherman And The March To The Sea, Stonewall Jackson, Terrible Swift Sword: The Union Cavalry, Iron Jaws: the Killing Power of Civil War Artillery, The 54th Massachusetts, The Monitor vs. the CSS Virginia, Robert E. Lee, The Battle of 1st Bull Run, Lincoln And Gettysburg)
*CIVIL WAR COMBAT: The Hornet's Nest at Shiloh, The Bloody Lane at Antietam, The Wheatfield at Gettysburg, The Tragedy at Cold Harbor, Little Round Top at Gettysburg.  A 5 hrs


*IT WAS 20 YEARS AGO TODAY (1987 documentary about 1967) A 2 hrs

*WOODSTOCK (1969 documentary)

Fergie A
Diana: A Portrait A
Princess Di A
Diana and Charles A
Royal Wedding: Di and Charles B
Royal Family Biography A
Di and Charles: Talking Personally A
Royal Wedding: Andrew and Fergie A
Bio- Diana: Tears of a Princess A
Diana: A Prisoner A
Princess Di April l996 A
Royal Family Aug l996 A
The Windsors: A Royal Family A
Princess Diana: Funeral A
Diana's Story Mar l998 A
Princess Diana: A Video Portrait A
Diana: Making Of A Princess A
The Story Of Princess Diana A
Bio: Diana-The True Story A
48 Hrs: Princess Diana 6/98 crash investigation A
Fox Files- Diana's brother int 7/98 A