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-----MUSIC RELATED V I D E O ---------

NTSC, not PAL (unless noted)
A:  Clear... may not be perfect dvd quality, but it's enoyable. 
A-: Slightly blurry, still enjoyable.
B: Somewhat blurry.
B-: Very blurry, only for collectors.
Please refer to my "SETLISTS" page to find a more extensive list of songs played on some of these dvds.
21st CENTURY SCHIZOID BAND:  Live in Japan  A  97:17

ABC: Absolutely  A

AC/DC- Live at The Apollo A- 36 min
AC/DC- BBC Sights+Sounds A- 40 min
AC/DC- Rock Goes To College A- 30 min
AC/DC- Behind The Music A 45 min
AC/DC- Cleveland Stadium, Cleveland OH (July 28, 1979?) A- 37 min

A-ha- "Headlines and Deadlines" Video Collection  (17 videos) A 70 min
A-ha-  TV Appearances (15 appearances) A/A- 45 min
A-ha- "Rock In Rio II" Rio De Janeiro Brazil, Jan 26 1991 A/A-  105 min
AMERICA-  Musikladen Live  A
ANGEL- "Casablanca Presents: Angel, live"  A- 19 min

ASIA- The Forum, Montreal Canada Aug 5 1983 B (Aud) 94 min
ASIA- Forest Hills Tennis Stadium NY (partial show) Aug 20 1983 D- (Aud) 26 min
ASIA-"Asia In Asia" Tokyo Japan Nov 1983 concert (w/Greg Lake vocals) A 1 hr
ASIA- Wetton-era promo videos (Heat of the Moment, Only Time Will Tell, Wildest Dreams, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Don't Cry, Go) A 26 min
ASIA- "Live in Moscow" 1990 A 72 min
ASIA- Live In Nottingham 1990  A 61:06
ASIA- interview in France (1993?) w/Payne & Downes, perform "Heaven On Earth" acoustic A- 22 min
ASIA- "Where Are They Now?" (May 2000) A 5 min
ASIA-  Citibank Hall, Rio de Janeiro Brazil Mar 21 2007 A (Aud) 1:48 hrs
ASIA- "Fantasia- Live In Tokyo"  Tokyo, Japan 2007 A   1:30 hrs

BAD COMPANY- Hard Rock Live 99 A 45 min
BAD COMPANY- Behind The Music A 45 min

BEATLES- The 1960s animated series. Eighteen amusing cartoon episodes and four "sing-a-longs" . A 120 min
BEATLES- Ed Sullivan show interview May 24 1964 A- 5 min
BEATLES- Melbourne Australia Jul 1964 B- 20 min
BEATLES- Paris France 1965 B- 30 min
BEATLES- Shea Stadium NYC 1965 concert (broadcast in 1966) A 1 hr
BEATLES- Tokyo Japan Jun 30 1966 A 42 min
BEATLES- Movie:"A Hard Days Night" A 2 hrs
BEATLES-The Making of: A Hard Days Night A 1 hr
BEATLES- Movie: "Help" A 2 hrs
BEATLES- "Hey Jude"+ "Revolution" on Smothers Brothers Show B 13 min
BEATLES- Movie: "Let It Be" A- 81 min
BEATLES- "Anthology" original TV airing A 6 hrs
BEATLES- Documentary A 2hrs
BEATLES (MCCARTNEY-LENNON)- "Two Of Us" original VH1 movie A 2.0 hr
BEATLES- The First US Visit  A 83 min
BEATLES- The Making of Sgt. Pepper A 1 hr
BEATLES- "RockBand" Video Collection  A  1 hr

BERLIN:  TV Appearances/ Videos/ Interviews  A 2.0 hr

BERLIN:  Live In Japan 1987/ US Festival 1983/ The Palace/ The Ritz (this disc may not play in all drives)

BLONDIE- Behind the Music A 45 min
BLONDIE- Hard Rock Live A 45 min

BROOKS,GARTH - Central Park NYC A 2.5 hrs
BROOKS,GARTH - The Life of Chris Gaines concert special A 45 min

CAMPBELL,GLEN - Behind the Music A 45 min

CAMPBELL, GLEN- Sioux Falls SD 2001 A 1 hr

CAREY,MARIAH - Nov 1993 TV Special A 45 min
CAREY,MARIAH - "First Vision" A 1hr
CAREY,MARIAH - Unplugged A 25 min
CAREY,MARIAH - "Fantasy"-1995 TV special (at Madison Square Garden NYC) A 45 min

CARPENTERS- Behind the Music A 45 min

CASSIDY, DAVID- Behind the Music A 45 min
CASSIDY, DAVID- The David Cassidy Story A 2hrs

CHAPIN,HARRY - Behind the Music A 45 min

CHEAP TRICK- ChicagoFest, Chicago IL 1981 A- 55 min

CHICAGO- The Band Played On A 1 hr

CLAPTON,ERIC - Unplugged A 45 min
CLAPTON,ERIC- Rockumentary A 25 min

CREAM- Farewell, Royal Albert Hall 1968 A- 44 min

CURE, The- Conan O'Brien Show Mar 2000 A 5 min

D'ARBY, TERRENCE TRENT- Olympic Stadium (grand opening) Sydney Australia Jun 12 1999 (performing 4 songs as guest lead singer for Australian band INXS. Footage includes interviews with INXS and TTD, rehearsals, an entire audience recording of the concert, as well as the entire pro shot recording. A- 40 min
DAVIS, PAUL-  I Go Crazy performed live  B  5 min
DEPECHE MODE- please see the link to my Depeche Mode page at the top of this page.
DION,CELINE- The TV Appearances (rare videos, concerts and specials, rare TV appearances from all over the world, from the very early points of her career in Canada, up until today. (Two-Hour SP Collections #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16). A thru B- 25 hrs.

DOORS- Legends A 45 min
DOORS- The Doors Collection 3DVD (Dance On Fire, Live At the Hollywood Bowl, The Soft Parade, bonus material) A 

DR. HOOK- Midnight Special: "Cover Of The Rolling Stone" A 5 min

EAGLES- "Hell Freezes Over" Nov 8 1994 A 1.5 hr

EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER- Interview 1992 A 10 min
EMERSON LAKE AND PALMER- Royal Albert Hall, London England 1994 A 45 min
ELP DVD Collection Vol I:
* Keith Emerson lecture Sep 16 1993 45 min
* Tokyo Jul 22 1972  70min
ELP DVD Collection Vol II:
* London Feb 4 1970 92min
* Isle of Wight Aug 29 1970 (Rondo) 8min
* Beat Club- Bremen Germany Nov 26 1970 (Take A Pebble) 7min
* Cal Jam I excerpts 15min
ELP DVD Collection Vol III:
* Olympic Stadium, Montreal CA Aug 26 1977 88min
* Belgian TV 1971  (The Barbarian, intros, Rondo, Nutrocker) 31min
ELP DVD Collection Vol IV:
* Welcome Back 1993 80min
* Belgian TV 1970  31min
* Japanese interview 1972 7min
* I Believe In Father Christmas (Greg Lake) promo video 4min
ELP DVD Collection Vol V:
* Brain Salad Tour documentary 53min
* Top of the Pops 1978 (All I Want Is You- complete uncut) 3min
* Beat Club 1970 (Knife-Edge) 8min
* Tonight Show 1993 (Paper Blood, Fanfare For the Common Man) 10min
* Arsenio Hall Show 1993 (I Believe In Father Christmas) 5min
* German TV 1978 (Fanfare For the Common Man, Tiger In A Spotlight) 7min
* Regis And Kathy Lee 1993 (interview, From the Beginning) 7min
* Monday NIght Football Intro (Touch And Go- different lyrics) 3min
* Lucky Man promo video 5min
* THE NICE: Beat Club 1969 8min (Hang On To A Dream)

ESTEFAN,GLORIA - Homecoming Concert: At Home Around the World, Miami Arena Miami FL Mar 1 1991 A/A- 1.5 hr

FILTER- Jay Leno Show Mar 2 2000 A 5 min
FILTER- David Letterman Show Apr 17 2000 A 5 min
FILTER- VH1's The Daily One Apr 20 2000 A 10 min

FLEETWOOD MAC- The Dance Aug 97 A 1.5 hr
FLEETWOOD MAC- Going Home A 1.5 hr

FOREIGNER- Promo videos (Love On The Telephone, Dirty White Boy, Head Games, Women) A-/B 14 min
FOREIGNER- "RockPop" Germany 1982 B 55 min
FOREIGNER- Montreal Canada 1985 A-/B (Aud) 132 min
FOREIGNER- MuchMusic Acoustic 1995? A- 16 min
FOREIGNER (Jones+Gramm)- "America's Millenium" Washington DC Dec 31 1999, performing "I Want to Know What Love Is" A- 3 min
FOREIGNER- Feels Like The Very First Time A- 1 hr 
FOREIGNER- Private Sessions 2008 (performances and interviews) A 45 min

FRIPP, ROBERT- 1979 Midnight Special (Frippertronics) B 4 min

GARBAGE- David Letterman Show, Oct 25 2001 A 4 min
GARBAGE- Le Scala, Paris France, Mar 30 2005 A-(Aud) (PAL format; may be played on most computer drives)
GARBAGE- The Video Collection (please see "Setlists: G" page) A
GARBAGE- The Television Appearances (please see "Setlists: G" page) A/A-

GENESIS- History 69-77 A 45 min
GENESIS- Behind the Music A 45 min
GENESIS- DVD Visuals (Genesis in Concert 1976, U.S. tv 1977, Japanese tv 1977, Three Dates With Genesis 1978)  A    2 DVD  

GIBB,ANDY - Behind the Music A 45 min

GIN BLOSSOMS- Saturday Night Live A 5 min
GIN BLOSSOMS- TV Appearances/ Video Compilation (please see "Setlists: G" page) A-/B 4 hrs
HACKETT, STEVE-  "Who's Who Rehearsal" Dec 1996 rehearsal session at Twickenham Film Studios in London, with John Wetton, Chester Thompson, Julian Colbeck, and Ian McDonald.  A  19 min
HACKETT, STEVE- "Tokyo Tapes: Live In Japan" Tokyo Japan Dec 1996, with John Wetton, Chester Thompson, Julian Colbeck, and Ian McDonald.  A  104 min

HEART- TV Appearances 1976-78  ("The Second Ending": KWSU-TV Studios 1976, Midnight Special Mar 4 1977, Midnight Special Nov 10 1978, Beat Club 1976, Beat Club 1977)  A  2hrs
HEART- Hollywood Sportatorium, Hollywood FL 1987 B 86 min
HEART- Behind the Music A 45 min

HILL, FAITH- "When the Lights Go Down" TV Special, broadcast Nov 28 2002 A 45 min

INXS- PLENTY!!!: please see the link to my INXS page at the top of this page.

JONES, TOM- "An Audience With Tom Jones" The London Studios, 1999 (full hour of performances and Q&A interaction with British celebrity-filled audience- including Bill Wyman) A 1 hr

JOURNEY:  November 1981 MTV Concert  A-

KING CRIMSON- Beat Club 1972 (Lark's Tongues)A 6 min
KING CRIMSON- "Lark's Tongues In Aspic" and "Easy Money" 1973 B 13 min
KING CRIMSON- Fridays 1974 B- 13 min

KING CRIMSON- TV Appearances (MTV Cutting Edge Frippertronics, ABCtv 1984 from San Francisco, Indiscipline Old Grey Whistle Test- March 18 1981, Nightflight TV- live in Central Park 1972, Fridays Dec 5 1981, Bayerischen Rundfunks 1982 Munich, Conan O'Brien Show Nov 14 1995)  A/A-

KING CRIMSON- Neal And Jack And Me:  Three Of A Perfect Pair- Live in Japan 1984

KING CRIMSON- "Deja Vrooom" (unique video features "mix and match" scenes from all different Crimson eras)/ "Tony's Road Movies".  A 

KISS- TV Appearances compilation (Tom Snyder show, etc) A-/B 123 min

LED ZEPPELIN- Legends A 45 min

LENNON, JOHN - Imagine A 1.5 hrs

McCARTNEY, PAUL AND WINGS- "Mary Had A Little Lamb" on Flip Wilson Show 1972 B 5 min.
McCARTNEY, PAUL AND WINGS- "James Paul McCartney" TV Special recorded at ATV's Boreham Wood Studios England Mar 18 1973 A 51 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL AND WINGS- "One Hand Clapping" Abbey Road Studios London, Autumn of 1974 (includes Junior's Farm outtake plus bonus London McCartney interview Mar 12 1974) A- 69 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL AND WINGS- Back To The Egg Special 1979 A- 44 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL AND WINGS- Wings For Kampuchea 1979 A- 16 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL AND WINGS- on (Tom Snyder)Tomorrow Show Dec 10 1979 B- 45 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL & LINDA- on Good Morning America Nov 27 1980 B- 15 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL- Japanese news clips of Paul's drug bust 1980. B 15 min.
McCARTNEY, PAUL & LINDA- on AM Chicago w/Oprah Winfrey host Nov 2 1984 A- 30 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL - "Up Close" A 1.5 hrs
McCARTNEY, PAUL- Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami FL Apr 15 1990 A- 2hrs+15min (will require 2 dvd-rs)
McCARTNEY, PAUL - Charlotte NC Jun 1993 A 2.0 hrs
McCARTNEY, PAUL- Promo Video Collection (mostly 1980s) A- 63 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL- Promo Video Collection  1970-1978 (please see "Setlists: M" page) A- 1 hr and 59 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL- Live At The Cavern A 30 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL- "Wingspan" May 2001 TV Special A 2 hrs
McCARTNEY, PAUL- "The Concert For New York" NYC Oct 20 2001 A 6hrs (includes various artists)
McCARTNEY, LINDA- "The Linda McCartney Story" TV movie, contains 5 minute local news segment with interviews of Paul and Ringo about Linda. A 2 hrs
McCARTNEY, PAUL- Howard Stern Show, Oct 18 2001 A 1 hr
McCARTNEY, PAUL- Jay Leno Tonight Show (w/ Heather Mills), May 2002 A 30 min
McCARTNEY, PAUL- "Back In The U.S." ABC TV broadcast Nov 27 2002 A 2 hrs

McENTIRE, REBA- Regis and Kelly Show 2001 A 20 min
McENTIRE, REBA- Lifetime Intimate Portrait A 30 min

McGRAW, TIM- Rosie O'Donnell show, 2001 A 10 min
McGRAW, TIM- "Sing Me Home" TV Special, broadcast Nov 27 2002 A 45 min
McGRAW, TIM- "Grand Ole Opry Live" first-time appearance, 2002 A 20 min

MELLENCAMP,JOHN - Downtown Chicago IL "Human Wheels Live" Sept 11 1993 concert A 45 min
MELLENCAMP,JOHN - New Years Eve 12/31/97 concert A 0.5 hr (not complete)
MELLENCAMP,JOHN - Behind the Music A 45 min
MELLENCAMP,JOHN - Video Timeline A 25 min

METALLICA- "S&M (w/orchestra)" A 45 min
METALLICA- "Fan Club" A 45 min

MONKEES- 1997 TV special A 45 min
MONKEES- "Daydream Believers- The Monkees Story" June 2000 VH1 Original movie A 2hrs

MOODY BLUES- "Live At Red Rocks Colorado" A 1.5 hr
MOODY BLUES- Hard Rock Live July 1998 A 25 min

MORISSETTE,ALANIS - Oct 98 Roseland Ballroom, NYC A 45 min
(THE) NICE- Beat Club 1969 (Hold On To  A Dream) 8min

NICKS, STEVIE -Promo Video Collection (Stop Draggin' My Heart Around, Stand Back, Leather and Lace, If Anyone Falls, Talk To Me, I Can't Wait) A 30 min
NICKS, STEVIE - Behind the Music A 45 min

N SYNC- The TV Appearances (6 hours; I recorded nearly every N Sync appearance for my kid, from the period of 1998-99, includes many awards shows and MTV and Disney specials, as well as Sabrina TV show and much more)
OASIS- "Familiar To Millions" Wembley Stadium UK July 21 2000.  A 94 min, plus bonus footage to fill 2hrs.

PARTRIDGE FAMILY- E! True Hollywood Story A 2 hrs
PARTRIDGE FAMILY- "Come On Get Happy" TV Movie A 2 hrs
PARTRIDGE FAMILY- "The David Cassidy Story" TV Movie A 2 hrs

PINK FLOYD- "Delicate Sound of Thunder" A 1.5 hrs

POLICE- Around the World A 1.25 hr

PRESSLEY, ELVIS- "Comeback" concert A 1.5 hrs
PRESSLEY, ELVIS- "In Hawaii" concert A 1.5 hrs
PRESSLEY, ELVIS- "Graceland" narrated by Priscilla A 1 hr

PRETENDERS- Hard Rock Live 98 A 45 min
PRETENDERS- Saturday Night Live A
5 min
PRETENDERS- Legends A 45 min
PRETENDERS- Storytellers A 45 min
PRETENDERS- Rockpalast, Cologne Germany Jul 17 1981 A-

REA, CHRIS- Video Anthology A 2hrs

REM- Unplugged A 25 min
REM- "Road Movie" Nov 18 1995 Atlanta GA A 1 hr
REM- Behind The Music A 45 min

ROLLING STONES- Hyde Park July 5 1969 B 47 min

ROLLING STONES- "Gimme Shelter" documentary of Altamont 1969 concert A 2hrs 
ROLLING STONES- "25x5" A 2 hrs
ROLLING STONES- Atlantic City NJ Dec 19 1989 A 2hrs
ROLLING STONES- St Louis Missouri Dec 12 1997 A 2 hrs

SADE- VH1 Special Nov 2000 A 25 min
SADE- Jay Leno Tonight Show Nov 2000 A 6 min
SADE- David Letterman Show Dec 20 2000 A 5 min
SADE- Rosie O'Donnell Show Dec 2000 A 5 min
SADE- Saturday Night Live A 10 min
SADE- "Testimony" 2001 BET interview A 25 min

SAVAGE GARDEN- Promo Video Collection (I Want You, To the Moon and Back, Truly Madly Deeply, Break Me Shake Me, Tears of Pearls) A 21 min
SAVAGE GARDEN- The TV Appearances (Donnie and Marie Show: Jan 2000, American Music Awards: Jan 2000, Rosie O'Donnell Show: Nov 1999, Rosie O'Donnell Christmas Special: Dec 1999, MTV Fanatic: 1998, Hard Rock Live 1998 concert, Rosie O'Donnell Show: 1998, NBC Friday Night: Jan 21 2000) A   --hrs 
SAVAGE GARDEN- Japan 2000 A- (Aud) 82 min

SMASHING PUMPKINS- @MTV  Mar 2000 A 25 min

STARR, RINGO- on Merv Griffin Show 1981 B 15 min

STEWART,ROD - Unplugged and Seated (w/Ron Wood)- May 25 1993 A 1.5 hr
STRAIT, GEORGE- "Pure Country" (movie) A  2.5 hrs
STRAIT, GEORGE- Austin City Limits (1989) A 1 hr
SUPERTRAMP- BBC Sights And Sounds  A

SUPERTRAMP: The Story So Far...   A


10cc- Musikladen 1975 Promo video(I'm Not In Love)A 5 min
10cc- 1977 Promo video (The Things We Do For Love)A- 5 min

10000 MANIACS (w/Natalie Merchant)- Unplugged A 25 min

TRIUMPH- Baltimore MD 1982 A 60 min
TRIUMPH- US Festival, San Bernadino CA May 29 1983 A 60 min
TRIUMPH- "The Story of Triumph" MuchMusic (VCD) A 60 min

UK- "In The Dead Of Night" Holland TV 1978 B 4 min UK- "Nothing To Lose" 1979 B 4 min
UK- "Rendezvous 602" 1979 B- 4 min
UK- "Caesar's Palace Blues" on Whistle Test 1979 B- 4 min

U2- Legends A 45 min
U2- "Rattle and Hum" A 2 hrs
U2 (Bono)- "America's Millenium" Washington DC Jan 1 2000, performing "One/My Sweet Lord" A 9 min
U2- "Saturday Night Live" NBC-TV New York City, Dec 9 2000 A 12 min
U2- Live concert feed during halftime of 2001 NBA Finals. A 10 min?
U2- HSBC Center, Buffalo NY May 31 2001 A-/B 2 hrs.
U2- David Letterman Show Nov 2001 A 5 min
U2- Jay Leno Show Nov 22 2001  A  5 min
U2- live in Boston 2001  A 1.5 hr
VAN HALEN- US Festival 1983, California  1hr 56 min  A-

WETTON, JOHN- at Variety Arts Center, Los Angeles CA May 24 1997 A-(Aud) 59:05
WETTON, JOHN- Who's Who Rehearsal (Wetton on lead vocals for Steve Hackett 1996) rehearsal sessions at Twickenham Film Studios, London England Dec 1996  A 19 min
WETTON, JOHN- Tokyo Japan Dec 1996 (Wetton on lead vocals for Steve Hackett) A 104 min

WHO- Legends A 45 min

YANNI- In Concert A 2 hrs

YES- "Yesyears" A 1.5 hr
YES- "9012Live" 1 hr and 7 min (A video, B audio)

*The Concert For New York (Madison Square Garden, NYC Oct 20, 2001)(Bon Jovi, Goo Goo Dolls, James Taylor, Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, Elton John, Billy Joel, John Mellencamp, Janet Jackson, Melissa Etheridge, The Who, Paul McCartney, etc) A 6 hrs

*Movie documentary: Woodstock (1969) A 3.5 hrs

*MTV Top 40 Alternative Videos of All Time A 3 hrs

*Saturday Night Live: 25 Years of Music A 5 hrs

*It Was 20 Years Ago Today (1987 Documentary) A 2 hrs

*The Old Grey Whistle Test A 2DVD
Disc 1- OGWT performances: Judee Sill: The Kiss, Supertramp: Dreamer, Bruce Johnston: Disney Girls,
Hall & Oates: She's Gone, BB King: When It All Comes Down/Hold On,
Simple Minds: Chelsea Girl, Orange Juice: Rip It Up, Japan: Ghosts,
King Crimson: Frame By Frame, Prefab Sprout: When Love Breaks Down,
Simply Red: Holding Back the Years, Suzanne Vega: Marlene On the Wall.
Disc 2 (various performances, not OGWT- The Cars: intro/Let the Good Times Roll, Bye Bye Love, I'm In Touch With
Your World, Just What I Needed, XTC: Making Plans For Nigel, 
Human League: Love Action, Asia: Heat of the Moment, Japan: Ghosts,
Kid Creole: My Male Curiousity, China Crisis: Wishful Thinking, 
Talk Talk: It's My Life, Level 42: Something About You,
The Waterboys: The Whole of the Moon, Billy Idol: Eyes Without A Face. 
* Live Aid  (featuring:  Ultravox, Nik Kershaw, Sade, Bryan Ferry,
U2, Beach Boys, Dire Straits, Queen, Simple Minds, Elton John,  Kiki Dee,
Madonna, Tom Petty, The Cars, INXS, Band Aid, USA For Africa). A   2 DVD