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If you'd be interested in trading, please contact me. I will always respond. Just make sure you read these guidelines (which will benefit both of us!) and simply tell me that you're OK with them.
1. Have fun trading and enjoy the music (or video)!
2. Please don't send me your list as an attachment file that I would have to download. Please "copy and paste" it within the body of an email, or let me know the url to your site.
3. Let me know if you're not also in the United States (I will trade internationally).
4. Advise me on any known serious abnormalities on the shows I select from you
5. ONLY name-brand cdrs or dvdrs.
6. I will trade for dvdrs, cdrs, videotapes, audio cassettes.
7. NTSC video format
8. 2cdrs=1 videotape. 2cdrs=1dvdr. 1 videotape=1dvdr. 1cdr=1 audiocassete.
9. Artwork is not very important to me.
10. Setlists are very important to me (I'd prefer to have them emailed to me before discs are mailed out), and all are recorded on this website.  (please see my SETLIST page).
11. First class shipping/ Air Mail internationally. (Media mail in the US if we both agree).
12. Jewel cases not shipped.
13. Please check discs before shipping for playability and errors.
Be sure to take a look at my "wish list" page.  There are many things I'm searching for and the odds of my accepting a trade will increase dramatically if you've got something there!!!