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DVD List: Hard-to-find Saturday Morning TV/ Animated Specials

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A: Clear...not perfect dvd quality, but enjoyable.
A-: Slightly blurry or grainy, still enjoyable.
B: Somewhat blurry/grainy.
B-: Very blurry/grainy, only for collectors.


*School House Rock: Video Collection (Interjections, A Noun Is A Noun, I'm Just A Bill, The Great American Melting Pot, My Hero Zero, Luck Seven Sampson, The Body Machine, Interplanet Janet, Dollars and Cents, Where The Money Goes). A 32 min

*Return To The Planet Of The Apes (complete 13 episodes of 1970s animated series: Flames of Doom, Escape from Ape City, The Unearthly Prophecy, Tunnel of Fear, Lagoon of Peril, Terror on Ice Mountain, River of Flames, Screaming Wings, Trail to the Unknown, Attack from the Clouds, Mission of Mercy, Invasion of the Underdweller, Battle of the Titans)A- 6 hrs

*Star Trek: The Animated Series (complete series, roughly 9 hrs) A/A-/B

*Fat Albert- 4 episodes A 2 hrs

*Wizard of Oz Animated Series: A 0.5 hr

*Land Of The Lost (complete 1970s series)  The Sleestak God, Downstream, Cha-ka, Dopey, Tag Team, The Stranger, Album, Skylons, The Hole, The Paku Who Came To Dinner, The Search, Posession, Follow That Dinosaur, Stone Soup, Elsewhere, Hurricane, Circle, Tar Pit, The Zarn, Fair Trade, One of Our Pylons Is Missing, The Test, Ancient Guardian, Scarab, Medicine Man, Gravity Storm,The Longest Day,The Pylon Express,A Nice Day,Baby Sitter,The Musician,Split Personality,Blackout,After-Shock,Survival Kit,The Orb,Repairman,Medusa,Cornered,Flying Dutchman,Hot-Air Artist,Abominable Snowman,Timestop, plus segments from a 1993 marathon hosted by Wesley Eure and Marty Krofft (11 minutes).  A/A-  22 hours 

*New Land Of The Lost (1990s series)(Jungle Girl, Shung, Crystal, Wild Thing, Flight To Freedom, Heat Wave, The Thief, Power Play, Tasha, Something's Watching, Kevin vs The Volcano, Day For Knight) A 5 hrs

*Run Joe Run: 4 episodes: (Joe and the... Bounty Hunter, Stepdaughter, Dolphins, Blind Girl)  A- 2 hrs

*Davey and Goliath: nearly complete original series (Silver Mine, Boy Lost, Christmas Lost and Found, New Years Promise, Dog Show, Officer Bob, Happy Landing, Editor In Chief, Rickety Rackity, Bully Up A Tree, The Big Apple, Hocus Pocus, Lemonade Stand, A Dillar A Dollar, Rags And Buttons, Good Neighbor, Jeep In The Deep, The Bridge, Who's George, Whatshisname, Finders Keepers, The Greatest, Good Bad Luck, Come Come To the Fair, Kum Ba Yah, Six Seven Six Three, The Watch Dog, Stopped Clock, Happy Easter Special, Doghouse Dreamhouse, Ready Or Not, Pieces of Eight, Chicken, Blind Man's Bluff, Caretakers, Louder Please, Zillion Dollar Combo, If At First..., Boy In Trouble, Help, Kookaburra, Lost In A Cave, Stranded On An Island, Wild Goat, Winner, New Skates, Cousin Barney, Time Machine, Mechanical Man, The Kite, The Hard Way, Sudden Storm, The Bell Ringer, Down On the Farm, Not For Sale, Shoe Maker, Runaway, The Parade, Waterfall, Upside Down And Backwards, Who Me, All Alone, Pilgrim Boy, To the Rescue, Halloween Who-Done-It.      A 17 hrs

*Gumby: (Holiday Special: Santa Witch, Scrooge Loose, The Golden Gosling, Pigeon in A Plum Tree, Pilgrims On the Rocks, Pikey's Price, Son of Liberty, Gumby Across the Deleware)  A 50 min

*Gumby: (Gumby Concerto, Gold Rush Gumby, Gumasia, Mysterious Fires, Robot Rumbus, Stuck On Books, Too Loo, Tricky Train).  A

*The Adventures of Curious Geoge (At the Ballet, Plays Basketball, Goes To An Art Show, Walks the Pets, Goes Sledding, Goes to the Aquarium, Goes to a TV Station, Goes to the Circus, Goes to a Flower Show, Goes to the Library, Visits the Railroad Station, Goes to the Tailor Shop)  A 58 min

*The Beatles Animated 1960s TV Series A 2hrs

*Felix the Cat  (Two-Lip Time, All Puzzled, April Maze, Felix Doubles For Darwin, Felix Finds Out, Felix Gets the Can, Felix Goes West, Felix In Hollywood)  A

Rudolph, Frosty, Frosty Returns, Charlie Brown, Bugs Bunny, Grinch Stole Christmas, Winnie The Pooh, Little Drummer Boy, Year Without A Santa,The Night The Animals Talked, The Town Santa Forgot, 12 Days of Christmas, Elf That Saved Christmas, Elf's Magic Key, Charles Dicken's David Copperfield, Flintstones Family Christmas, The Wish That Changed Christmas A


*Tiger Town (Roy Sheider)
*Return To Oz
*Muppet Christmas Carol


*Courdoroy Bear
*Charlotte's Web 
*Paddington Bear (Vol 1)
*Journey Back To Oz
*The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh
*The Greatest Adventure Stories From the Bible: complete series (The Creation, The Easter Story, David And Goliath, Samson And Delilah, Noah's Ark, Daniel And the Lions Den, Jonah, Moses, The MIracles of Jesus, Joseph and His Brothers, Joshua and the Battle of Jericho, Queen Esther) A  6hrs
*Wallace And Gromit: (Grand Day Out, Close Shave, Wrong Trousers) A 1.5 hrs
*Berenstain Bears: nearly complete animated collection of video releases A