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Tears For Fears

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The Live Parade
Live In The USA

(possibly Santa Barbara CA)

I Believe
Head Over Heels
Pale Shelter
Woman In Chains
Advise For The Young At Heart
Mad World
The Seeds Of Love
All You Need Is Love
Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Year Of The Knife

B-Sides and Remixes

Disc I
The Prisoner
We Are Broken
Saxophones As Opiates
The Conflict
Johnny Purde And The Bible Of Dreams (remix)
Musk Fer Fables
Tears Roll Down (later mix)
Queen of Compromise
All of the Angels
The Madness of Roland
Until I Drown
War of Attrition
Mothers Talk (1986 mix)
Elemental (Sons of August mix)
Change (original vers)
Pale Shelter (original mix)


Disc II
Suffer The Children (remix)
Change (ext vers)
Pale Shelter (new ext vers)
Everybody Wants To Rule the World (urban mix)
Shout (US remix)
The Way You Are (ext rem)
Mothers Talk (beat of the drum mix)
Broken/Head Over Heals/Broken (preacher mix)
I Believe (soulful rerecording)
Shout (UK mix)
Everybody Wants To Rule the World (ext mix)