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Monkees (The Monkees)

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Mobile, Alabama

August 12, 1967


Last Train To Clarksville

You Just May Be The One

The Girl I Knew Somewhere

I Wanna Be Free

Sunny Girlfriend

Auntie Grizelda

Forget That Girl

Sweet Young Thing

Mary, Mary

Cripple Creek

You Can't Judge A Book By Lookin' At The Cover

Gonna Build A Mountain

I Got A Woman

I'm A Believer

Randy Scouse Git

Stepping Stone

Sunrise Musical Theatre
Sunrise, Florida

Disc I

Last Train To Clarkesville

A Little Bit Me

Im Not Your Steppin Stone

You Just May Be The One

Look Out

No Time

Cuddly Toy


Randy Scouse Git

Can You Dig It

Ill Be True To You/ She

Long Title: Do I Have To Do This All Over Again/ Sometime In The Morning


You ntie Grizelda

That Was Then This Is Now

Cripple Creek

Ill Love You Forever

I Wanna Be Free

Goin Down

Its Nice To Be With You

For Petes Sake

Zar And Zam/ Daddys Song

Solfeggietto/ Ditty Diego- war chant

Daydream Believer

Shades Of Gray

Disc II
Listen To The Band
When Love Comes Knockin
Through The Looking Glass
Hold On Girl
In This Generation
Pleasant Valley Sunday
Ill Be Back Upon My Feet
Heart And Soul
Im A Believer
Monkees Theme



Manchester, UK

March 15, 1997


Disc I

Last Train To Clarksville

Circle Sky

Regional Girl

Sunny Girlfriend

Mary Mary

You And I

Randy Scouse Git

Shades of Gray

You Just May Be the One

Oh What A Night

Im A Believer

Bach solo


Lucille (cut)


Disc II

Lucille (complete)

Since I Fell In Love With You

Daddys Song

For Petes Sake

A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You

Goin Down

Your Auntie Grezelda


Listen To The Band

Porpoise Song

Daydream Believer

Steppin Stone

Pleasant Valley Sunday




Go Ape


intro/Theme to TV Series

All The Kings Horses (demo)

Dont Call On Me (1963 unreleased demo)

Last Train To Clarksville (live)

The Girl I Knew Somewhere (live)

Different Drum (live)

You Cant Tie A Mustang Down

HEAD Promo

Laurel and Hardy

Merry Go Round

Angel Band

Im A Believer (#12-20 from 33 1/3)


Only Thing I Believe Is True

Where Time Wont Follow

Wind-up Man

I Go Ape

A String For My Kite

Listen To The Band (live)

Kool Aid Ad

Jenny Jenny (live)

Pet Pig Pork (live)

Johnny B. Goode (live)

Kool Aid Ad

Last Train To Clarksville (live on Johnny Cash Show)

Nine Times Blue (live on Johnny Cash Show)

Everybody Loves A Nut (live on Johnny Cash Show)

Zor & Zam (TV mix)

"Well Be Back In A Minute"

Tema del Monkees